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5 Predictions For This Year's NBA 2K18 Game

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NBA 2K18 releases on September 15 for pre-order customers. Because the release date is less than two months away, the stream of pre-release information will increase in the coming weeks.

As I do each year, I wrote my wishlist for the game in February. Soon, we'll find out how many of those features and enhancements made it into NBA 2K18.

I have Compiled a List of Features that I Predict will Make Their Way Into this Year's Game.

Based on the information I've collected from watching the final episode of 2KTV, the various hints Ronnie 2K delivered on his Instagram story on Monday and my knowledge of 2K's past practices and pace of progression, I feel comfortable predicting the following 10 features will be a part of NBA 2K18.

New Soundtrack or Musical Feature

Something appears to be amiss as it pertains to music in NBA 2K18. If you followed Ronnie 2K's Instagram story on Monday, then you saw the Portland Trailblazers' point guard Damian Lillard featured along with some sort of fictitious neighborhood record shop.

Lillard is widely regarded as the NBA's best rapper, so it seems that talent is what links him to the record shop. Could it be the precursor to announcing Lillard's music will be featured in the game, or that we'll be able to use our own tunes in some fashion?

The former is more likely.

More Hairstyles in MyCareer and Player Creation

This is a feature that fans have been asking for over the past five years or so. It looks like NBA 2K18 will finally deliver a wider variety of hairstyles. I see this coming for a few reasons:

1. It's time. So many fans have complained about the limited selection that to not deliver in this arena would be a major disappointment. I believe 2K wants to provide the best experience possible, and that cannot be done without expanding the hairstyles.

2. Ronnie 2K tweeted these images of the Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid's fake barber shop with a few of the most-wanted hairstyles mentioned.

It would be a really bad look to tease these hairstyles and not deliver.

More Dribble And Defensive Control

One of the few issues I have with NBA 2K's gameplay is in the movement. Specifically, the dribbling and defense are a little too loose. On one hand, it helps to simulate the flow and momentum that exists in real basketball, but oftentimes it causes what KSpade would describe as "I-wasn't-trying-to-do-that" moments.

Mike Wang, one of the chief developers on the 2K team, spoke briefly about improving dribbling during the aforementioned 2KTV episode. NBA Live 18's best attribute appears to be its dribble and defensive control.

It only makes sense that 2K would want to upgrade in that area.

No More Green Releases

Shooting has been a lightning rod for conversation within the 2K community for the past three years. I personally hate green releases. I believe it makes ratings less important and encourages people to take bad shots because they have somewhat mastered the release point on a player's jump shot.

Thus we saw insane shooting percentages in NBA 2K15 and 16. After an update to NBA 2K17, the numbers were more realistic, but doing away with green releases is a better solution. It appears as though that could be on the way.

This video from Underrated 2K breaks down some of the things Wang has discussed in the past, and it seems feasible to infer that the removal of green-release shots could be on the horizon.

Hybrid Archetypes & More Badges

The archetype system is great, but it's a little confining. It doesn't allow much room for players to be multi-faceted specialists. For example, the Three-And-D player doesn't exist, or Two-Way players like Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson will get half of the skill set removed.

Hybrid Archetypes or even offensive and defensive Archetypes seem like a logical progression.

More Branching Storylines For MyCareer

Thankfully it appears 2K has abandoned the concept of a specific story like the one that somewhat bogged down NBA 2K15. That said, there has to be something added to MyCareer. It's the most-played mode in the 2K Universe and the dev team dares not let it go untouched.

Among a few other things that I'll touch on a little later, new branching storylines and events could be coming to the NBA 2K18.

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