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  • Guild Wars 2's The Gemstore Endgame 20-11-2017

    Any online game with a buy to play or free to play business model needs a way to generate profit long in to the game’s life spam. For Guild Wars 2, the Gem Store is the way in which Arenanet gets most of its profit outside of initial sales and expansions. Players can also choose to purchase their items with in game gold, converting them to gems to buy the flashy cosmetics and convenience items that come exclusively from the cash shop. Over time, technical upgrades and new systems have created higher quality and more exclusive items in the store, resulting in a progression system that rewards both gem purchases and gold farming for conversions to achieve rewards.

    Let me first say, having players spend money of the game is A-OK with me. Funding the game’s development and ensuring that Guild Wars 2 can continue to be the amazing game it is sits perfectly fine in my eyes. The growing concern however is that simply too much of the game’s ultimate progression lies solely in purchasing an item through the cash shop- whether that be with gold or money. Aside from any arguments about pay to win, this removes a great deal of satisfaction in meeting your goals, especially for a player trying to get these rewards through the in-game conversion. Weapons and skins that look as good, if not better, than the in game Legendary weapons and armour are coming thick and fast. And the problem of course is that these rewards are exclusive to the gem store. In a cycle where new legendary weapons arrive once every 2-4 months, the gem store is releasing weapons of similar quality on a biweekly basis, nullifying the idea of earning rewards for play time and instead encouraging players to spend in the gem store instead.

    Where it hit a boiling point recently was the release of the mount adoption licence. Anyone following the game even remotely will know that these RNG loot boxes caused an uproar that rippled through not only the Guild Wars 2player base, but was picked up by dozens of gaming websites and communities. The locking of mount skins, and previously glider skins, behind the cash shop is nothing new to Guild Wars 2, but it was taken to another level when players were forced to gamble for the skins they wanted at a steep price. A guiding principle behind the game is that you can always work towards any goal you desire, at any pace you desire. Hiding a skin behind RNG means that instead of working towards something they desire, players are working towards rewards they mostly do not want for a chance at their desired skin. All this detracting from any goals like Legendary items or progressing in game systems like masteries or fractals. The other option of course is to simply purchase the skins- but at a price tag of over $100 USD, many players are hesitant to swipe the card on this one.

    As can be seen with the timeline of glider skins, technology in the gem store has ramped up violently in the last couple of years, with some of the flashiest particle effects and best-looking gliders coming from the store. Even Legendary quality items like Ad Infinitum or Warbringer pale in comparison to the effects and effort put in to skins like the Raven Spirit glider, or the Meteor glider, which can literally cover up nearby Legendary gliders. Players who have committed dozens of hours to obtaining a skin through various stages of progression and collections are outshined by players who have either farmed the gold or paid for gem store skins. The argument runs deep for both sides- if the in-game rewards are too good, why would anyone ever buy anything from the store and support the game? Similarly, if the gem store is too good, why would anyone bother going through the massive effort of completing difficult to obtain in game items? But at least for gliders you can obtain some skins in game that look half decent- mounts you are stuck with defaults unless you pay a steep price for the various gem store variants. 

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  • Battle for Azeroth’s First Dungeon, Freehold 17-11-2017

    At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard announced World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion, Battle for Azeroth. In a short demo for Battle for Azeroth, we were able to sit down and play through one of the new expansions dungeons: Freehold.

    We were able to pull a together a random group of players in the press room at BlizzCon this year. This was after at least 20 minutes of /yelling Dungeon LFG at all the poor BlizzCon attendees spawning in new characters on the show floor. Once we had gathered everyone up, it was clear that our team was built for success: three Fire Mages and two Paladins.

    The first thing that strikes me about Freehold is how difficult it was. Obviously there is no gearing process available in the demo or time to optimize our specs, but every single pack was its own unique struggle. While the mobs were difficult, the bosses were all striking and memorable.

    The dungeon itself is this dense little pirate village, and your party has to fight through all of the pirate factions. As you push your way through pirates loitering around stalls or drinking themselves into oblivion, you’ll clear a path to the pirate bosses that stand in your way of loot. Freehold has four bosses, each with their strategies and play styles.

    The first boss was an Orc pirate flying around on a parrot that seems to ... defecate poison puddles all over the party. As you fight your way to boss number two, you run into a a very cute puppy excitedly wandering around an area. If you catch this dog and release its owner from a nearby cage, one of the bosses in the next fight will ally themselves with you.

    The second boss is a council fight, which would be difficult to overcome under ordinary circumstances. However, being able to catch this dog, ally ourselves with a faction and turn one of the bosses to our side was a huge advantage. Instead of five of us versus three bosses, we had six of us against only two. This is also something that you could presumably skip entirely, getting to the second boss faster, but making it much harder as a result.

    The third fight is a weird gauntlet of tasks. First, we had to catch a speedy little pig running around in the mud. Then we had to fight a big turtle. Finally, a gigantic Ogre with two sharks strapped to his arms attacked us. Once we had defeated all of these tasks, it was time to hunt down the final boss.

    The final boss was a very fancy looking pirate with a tiny mustache. He threw tornados at us, summoned grenadiers who would explode on top of our party members and fired artillery at randomly selected players. We were barely able to take him down, losing our tank a moment before the boss died.

    At this point, World of Warcraft has so many dungeons scattered across six other expansion and the original “Vanilla” release. What is so initially striking about Freehold is how memorable the bosses are, even days after demoing it. Each of them felt unique and fun. None of the fights were particularly difficult to understand and each mechanic was intuitive.

    Going through Freehold, it was impossible to not take a moment and think of Mythic plus, a very difficult and timed version of dungeons, and the strategies for them that are sure to form. When the expansion drops, we’ll play this dungeon dozens if not hundreds of times in the early months. It’s impossible to tell if this activity will be as fun each time we play, but it certainly leaves a nice first impression.

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  • League of Legends' Ezreal Became Way Stronger Because of This Bug 15-11-2017
    The preseason update for League of Legends included tons of changes, but one of them was an unintentional buff for Ezreal that made the champion deal some serious damage.

    The latest patch included an undocumented change that allowed Mystic Shot to apply spell effects as well. The change was intentional, it was just one that didn’t make it into the patch notes given how much there was to catalog. While the change made it possible to Ezreal to use Mystic Shot to help proc spell effects like Arcane Comet, it also caused the ability to double the damage that Muramana was supposed to apply on each shot.

    The accidental change was brought to the attention of Riot Games through a post on the League boards where a player posted an explanation for what was happening to cause Ezreal’s sudden winrate spike. The poster, Squishy Support, had likely had enough of getting pelted with Ezreal’s Mystic Shots, asked for the post to be upvoted quickly so that Riot would see it, and see it they did. Riot Meddler replied to the post and said that they’d plan on fixing it in the next patch with there being a “slim chance” that it would be micropatched prior to Patch 7.23 while saying that it might not be a safe micropatch to push, but he later followed up on his comment and said that there was hope for a quick fix after all.

    “Looks like this one is actually fairly straightforward to fix,” Riot Meddler wrote. “Should be micropatching it later today all going smoothly.”

    The original poster also mentioned that the bug appears to affect more champions outside of just Ezreal. Gangplank’s “Q” that nets him so much gold and allows for consistent harass in lane was another ability that also seems to be benefitting from the bug. Other commenters added more champions to the list, such as Miss Fortune and her “Q,” so if you were having luck with those champions, things might feel a bit different soon depending on how you build the champs.

    A micropatch should be going live later today to resolve the issues, so enjoy your Ezreal damage while it lasts.

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  • The best MMORPG for Android 08-11-2017

    Knights, take your swords and your shields: it's time to steal the beast! Here are the best MMORPGs for Android.

    AdventureQuest 3D. In this massive GDR fantasy you will find everything you need for a good adventure: monsters to kill, people to save, and the usual level-up characters. One of the interesting things about AdventureQuest 3D is Cross-Platforming: you can play this title on both your Android phone and PC. As such, you will always find the same people coming from both devices.

    Arcane Legends. A field veteran, Arcane Legends always uses a very classic and rigid Fantasy atmosphere in several respects. You only have three classes with which to start, but the rest of the game allows a good expansion. It's possible to play with and against all the players you've been knocking around. It's a regularly updated game and developers seem to keep us busy to keep the content up and running.

    Aurcus Online. From somewhat Japanese cartoon graphics, Aurcus seems to work just like any other role-play ... except that makes fighting much easier. For example, you can safely attack by pressing once on the enemy chosen by you. In this Aurcus works beautifully: the animations are spectacular and can dampen the boredom of every typical struggle of everyday grinding.

    Dungeon Hunter 5. Last in the list, but not last in the charts. Dungeon Hunter is one of the most successful series in its category, with a great story and a lot of adventures to be tackled - all features and details. The only boredom is the continuous push of the game to try to get us to buy the goods inside the game, which is far from its troubles.

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  • Gofifacoins MapleStory2 Eight Classes and Character Customization Overview 31-10-2017

    MapleStory 2's background story happens earlier than MapleStory's. The 3D MMORPG will have many familiar monsters from MapleStory, but it has its own unique gameplay and settings. MapleStory 2 is planned to kick off beta test in Korea next year. More information about the game will be unveiled by Nexon soon.

    MapleStory 2 CN server is currently in third closed beta test, I happen to grab a key to give the game try. Personally, I love the anime art style and cute game backgrounds, MapleStory2 fits the setting for me at first sight. Today I’ll give you guys a glimpse of the 8 classes in this game and the character customization.

    The eight classes in MapleStory 2 are Knight, Berserker, Gunner, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Assassin and Thief. All the classes are very adorable with different weapons at hand. Let’s take a closer look below:


    Knight can be taken as the tank in MapleStory2, he has the best defense in game to immune damage from enemies, so he is really crucial to a team. There’s an invincible skill for knights, that’s really a good choice for newbies.


    Berserker is the most powerful class in MapleStory2, he is a melee fighter with huge swords in his hands, berserker should be really suitable for those who want to control the battle and lead the team to victory. It’s not difficult, as long as you love violence.


    Priest is the only healer class in MapleStory2 who has the most comprehensive buff and healing skills. Priest is easy in control but her damage is relatively low, she is the key to control a team combat. I think priest is a good choice for girls.


    Thief is a melee class with two daggers in hand, the skills and speeds are amazing, enemies are dead by her dagger and poison. Thief is the most challenging class with most equipments in game.


    Ranger is a remote archer using longbow together with a golden eagle, super strong damage + super fast attacking speed + super long attacking distance makes the ranger a key output role in a team. Player need to choose a good spot for attack so as to bring high damage to enemies.


    Wizard is a genius in controlling natural elements, she can use her staff to control the ice, fire and thunder. The damage from wizard is superb, and she’s able to hide boss skills easily. If you want to be mature on wizard, you need to learn for the distance and angle for skills.


    Assassin uses darts in the game with super high explosive force. The skills are magnificent and controls are fast, which require frequent skill release and movement. Assassins may be more suitable for excellent players instead of newbies


    Gunner is a remote high damage class with his cannon fire, he features various attacking and control skills which made him the most powerful outburst in MS2. Meanwhile, he’s able to cure himself. The balance in all aspects makes gunner a little difficult to play.

    After choosing classes, players will be able to customize their characters, gender, face shape, hair, make up, skin color, and the clothing. Now you will be able to bring your adorable character to game!

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  • Knife and Soul Players Due to the Last Minute Design Changes and the Loss of Hundreds of Gold Games 25-10-2017

    Players of the popular Korean MMORPG game Blade and Soul who have invested in the Radiant Energy item are claiming to have lost hundreds of in-game earned gold because of a last-minute design change.

    According to recent community forum posts, players who have invested in Radiant Energy in light of the recently announced Hongmoon Gem Powder exchange changes have lost hundreds of gold because the game's development team decided to change the way the item's exchange value works at the last minute.

    Blade and Soul developer NCSoft teased its community with changes to the game's gem exchange system last week. The changes would allow players to more easily acquire Hongmoon Gem Powder used for buying and upgrading weapon gems that feature extra effects and higher attack power.

    Because of the announced changes popular demand caused the price of Radiant Energy to spike to 17 gold on the game's market place.

    However, the last-minute change of mind now means that players get back just 10 gold instead of the promised Hongmoon Gem Powder, resulting in a net loss of at least 7 gold per purchased item.

    Many disheartened players are voicing their opinion in a thread on the game's community forum that has already reached 9 pages in the last 2 hours.

    According to community manager Liinxy, the development team changed its mind when it found that "an imbalance" between the existing value of Radiant Energy compared to the Hongmoon Gem Powder would have caused gems to be "devalued significantly".

    Whether refunds will be given is still unknown. The studio has yet to comment on the negative response.

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  • gofifaCoins League Introduces Earnable Currency in the Form of Candy Corn With Halloween Update 18-10-2017

    Psyonix deployed their latest Rocket League update for the holiday season, and this one is centered around Halloween. Psyonix already spoke about what we could expect with the update, but we didn’t know the full extent of the crate system and how the new earnable currency, candy corn, would exactly work. There are a few key points to this update, so hang tight.

    Candy corn can be earned by playing games to completion, no matter if it is competitive or casual. I played for about 5 hours as soon as the update was launched and I found that I got between 3 and 5 candy corn per completed game.

    Earned candy corn can be used towards different rewards. Rewards can range from spooky toppers to a dabbing ghost goal celebration. You can also use candy corn towards Decryptors, which can unlock any crate but will make said unlocked item untradeable. Finally, you can use your candy corn to buy the new crate that is available only for the Halloween update. Each item has a limit to how many you can buy. However, crates seem to be endless.

    You can also buy Halloween crates for $2.49 each all the way up to 20 for $39.99, respectively. You can check out the prices to the right for individual items as it is a screenshot directly from the game. Keep in mind, the numbers are slightly adjusted as I already purchased a few items.

    The Halloween update will run up to November 6th, and candy corn will expire one week later. Hopefully, the new update will treat you to some sweet victories and spectacular crate rewards. If not, just blame your teammate.

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  • gofifacoins Neverwinter Teal Stained Gorgon Mount Giveaway 26-09-2017

    In celebration of Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation’s launch on consoles we’re partnering with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give 100 lucky winners Teal Stained Gorgon mounts for PlayStation 4 based on the latest expansion.

    Entry is simple. Visit our Facebook page and comment, like, and share the giveaway post. You can also head over to our Twitter to follow us and retweet the giveaway tweet. And finally, simply drop a comment below telling us what your favorite in-game mount is. If you don’t have one, maybe make up a mount for a game that desperately needs them. Our readers are our most important asset, so we want to hear from you! We’re spreading the winners out across our site and social media platforms, so be sure to enter all of them for a bigger chance to win one.

    The giveaway is running through Sunday night, with winners to be selected and notified on Monday.

    Gorgons are dangerous and hard to control, but this beast unique to the jungles of Chult has been tamed and its metallic scales have been stained bright teal. These uncommon mounts are ready to charge through the dangers of Chult with plumes of smoke billowing from their nostrils. Stats for these uncommon mounts include:
    +50 Movement Speed
    Two insignia slots

    If you are selected as a winner, we will be sending you the code and redemption instructions that will guide you on how to pick up your new mount.

    Good luck in our Neverwinter mount giveaway, and we hope you are enjoying the latest Tomb of Annihilation expansion.

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  • One Point Separates LeBron James, Kevin Durant from Top Spot 20-09-2017

    NBA 2K18 is out and players always dig into one of two areas first. They either jump straight into the "My Career" mode, or they go into the rosters and start forming the fantasy team of their dreams. This is where player ratings come in. While the numbers are arbitrary and don't have much overall meaning, 2K ratings are a good gauge of what the video game franchise thinks of a player. Higher ratings technically mean better players.

    With that in mind, here are the 12 players with the highest ratings in the game. Usual suspects like LeBron James sit at the top, but the bottom is where it gets interesting.

    It'll be hard to find many people that disagree with James having the highest rating followed by Kevin Durant. However, there are a few interesting names on this list. 

    DeMarcus Cousins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Anthony Davis have all earned top ratings and clearly there is a strong belief that their individual talent has exceeded their team's success. Towns in particular is only in his third season, but he's already leading his team in 2K rating.

    Paul George and Giannis Antetokounmpo beat out guys like Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, and John Wall to get his spot, but only by one spot as all of those guys have a 90 overall rating. Meanwhile, Chris Paul is still considered a top-three point guard in the game with his 91 overall rating and that might be a little controversial since he's 32.

    The ratings themselves aren't perfect, but this is a fine top of the list that can be adjusted as the season goes on. It will be interesting to see if players like Towns and Antetokounmpo are able to keep their ratings as high as they are or if an established star like Butler or Wall will overtake them later in the season.

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  • FIFA 18 - Five Key Improvements Made by EA Sports for This Year's Game 13-09-2017

    Penalties Spot-kicks were one of the biggest complaints about FIFA 17. EA Sports had attempted to make them feel more realistic -(fifa coins kaufen ps4) by making them much harder to score - but apparently had the opposite effect. Unlike in previous games when you'd need to physically shoot in order to take a spot-kick, in FIFA 17 you could simply roll your left analog stick forward and your player would start running. What followed would be anyone's guess. You'd either watch in amusement as your player tapped the ball towards the keeper - who would react by diving across the goal like a maniac - as gently as physically possible, or you'd panic, hit the controller and watch the ball disappear from the stadium. But FIFA 18 has fixed this issue. Like before you must shoot in order to take a spot-kick, and yes they're still hard, but, and this is a big but, the keepers are significantly calmer AND you can actually score them. Fan celebrations For years FIFA has featured fans in stadiums, but for the most part they've been expressionless dots that move around in the wind. Not anymore. Well, to be fair, there has been a progression with this when you think about it. A few years back chants were introduced to the game, with certain songs being heard only at certain home grounds. General crowd noise also became more accurate with muffled cheers when an away team scored, etc. But this year fans feel really close to the game, and we have to say it makes all the difference. Score a goal and you can sprint towards the crowd and watch the fans all run down the stairs towards you to celebrate - a brilliant feature. And in penalty shoot-outs you'll notice fans behind the goal are very quiet when their team is up while noisy and off-putting when it's the opposition's turn. Very realistic. Rolling substitutions There's nothing worse than playing a friend - and you know the one we mean here; considers themselves to be the next Pep Guardiola - who insists on pausing the game to make tactical changes and substitutions all the time. FIFA has previously introduced a feature that allows you to mess about with tactics on a basic level when taking corners, or when you decide to go for broke when you're 5-0 down and playing with nine men in the 80th minute by switching to "all out attack". But now you can also make substitutions without visiting the main menu - a feature that really allows the game to flow - when the ball is out of play. What's more you'll also get a little suggestion on who might be worth taking off and bringing on. Standing tackles A few years ago - we can't remember when exactly - standing tackles suddenly got very hard. Before then you could simple stand in front of an opposition player, press the magic button and voila. Not anymore. Today the game is much more realistic and you have to at least jostle with players a bit first before you can take the ball off them. And it's this feature which has been dramatically improved again in FIFA 18. You'll see more barging, holding up the ball, players leaning into each other, players anticipating a move better to cut out a pass. Basically you'll see things that you see in a real game of football - players challenging for the ball and not always winning it cleanly, or at all for that matter. Player identity Another feature that has been developed over the years, but another than seems much better this time round, is player identity. Before you'd see the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo puffing out his chest while standing over a free kick, but when he started playing he'd be like anyone else. Sure he'd be faster than the likes of Phil Jones - a trait that would make him a better all-rounder - but aside from that he'd just be another digital footballer. In FIFA 18 this is different. Players who are better on the ball can dribble more affectively than those who cannot. Players who are stronger in a tackle are more likely to barge an opposition player off the ball. Those who are good in the air are more likely to win a header. Like the above improvement in regards to standing tackles, the game feels a lot more realistic. Article From:

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  • Top 100 Stars Revealed by EA Sports as They Reveal Players Ranked 80 to 61 07-09-2017

    EA SPORTS have released the second part of their top 100-rated players in FIFA 18.(fifa 18 coins uk)

    The new football game hits stores later this month and is sure to be another hit with fans of the franchise.
    The last game saw plenty of people go through their Online Seasons with the mighty Real Madrid.
    But after signing Neymar for a world-record fee from Barcelona, many are sure to be giving Paris Saint-Germain more of a go this time round.
    In the meantime, the second group of 20 players of the top 100 list have been revealed – and it includes a number of Premier League stars.
    Chelsea duo Diego Costa and Cesar Azpilicueta both feature.
    While there are also places for Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen as well as Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette and team-mate Petr Cech.
    Here is the list in all its glory, with the rest of the top 100 players due to be released by EA Sports shortly.
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  • FIFA 18 in the Professional Model to Play the Greatest Quality Effect Impression 02-09-2017
    In an ongoing bid to continue to homogenize the industry even more by pushing story modes into sports games,(fifa 18 coins uk) EA Sports has revealed that FIFA 18 will have not one but two modes that utilize a conversation wheel mechanic. The conversation wheel was seen last year in The Journey mode where you went from a small town footballer all the way up to the Premier League. The impression it made on players last year must have been pretty good because this year it's going to be in both The Journey mode and in career mode.
    For career mode, the conversation wheel will be utilized in contract and transfer negotiations between the player and motion captured head coaches. The scenes will not have any voice acting but it will utilize the frostbite engine to give it that wonderful uncanny valley feeling as you look into Jose Mourinho's soulless eyes as he signed you a contract with the Red Devils of Manchester United.
    Youtube user ChesnoidGaming got an exclusive look at the career mode in action at Gamescom if you want to check it out for yourself -- to see the negotiation scenes fast forward to around 3:30 in the video. Just watching it in action, it seems pretty tedious for a straight ahead sports game that doesn't emphasize spreadsheet gaming.
    Personally, I just don't get it. I play FIFA because I want to just play football. I don't need a story or contract negotiations to keep me coming back, that's what I play Football Manager for. I also don't see many people who are on the fence about buying a sports game being convinced to buy it simply because a contract negotiation mechanic was added in. Still it doesn't take away from the basic gameplay but it's just not for me.
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  • FIFA 18’s Closed Beta Begins Today 11-08-2017

    The closed beta for FIFA 18 begins today. (fifa coins kaufen ps4)Selected players should soon be getting codes in their e-mails, so if you signed up to receive emails from EA, make sure to check your inbox for a possible code. EA opted out of an actual registration this year, so this closed beta feels a little closer to a lottery.

    Here’s more information from EA themselves:
    Can I get a few more FIFA 18 beta details?
    The email
    Selected FIFA players in the US and the UK who opted in to get EA emails will get an email at the email address that’s linked to their EA account. Because of limited space in the Closed Beta, not everyone will get an email with a code.
    We only have enough codes for the players that we sent emails to. If you didn’t get an email with a code, our Advisors won’t be able to give you one. The email will include a Closed Beta access code for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
    Redeem your PlayStation 4 code.
    Redeem your Xbox One code.
    The rules
    You must be 18 years or older.
    You’ll need to have an Internet connection, an EA Account, and have accepted the User Agreement and the FIFA 18 Beta Agreement.
    Live streaming and image capturing of Closed Beta gameplay or forums is against our rules as is discussing the content of the beta on the forum. EA also strongly urges that FIFA 18 players follow the rules.
    If you didn’t get picked, don’t worry, the wait for FIFA 18 will soon be over. FIFA 18 will release September 29, 2017 on the PlayStation 4.
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  • 5 Predictions For This Year's NBA 2K18 Game 25-07-2017

    NBA 2K18 releases on September 15 for pre-order customers. Because the release date is less than two months away, the stream of pre-release information will increase in the coming weeks.

    As I do each year, I wrote my wishlist for the game in February. Soon, we'll find out how many of those features and enhancements made it into NBA 2K18.

    I have Compiled a List of Features that I Predict will Make Their Way Into this Year's Game.

    Based on the information I've collected from watching the final episode of 2KTV, the various hints Ronnie 2K delivered on his Instagram story on Monday and my knowledge of 2K's past practices and pace of progression, I feel comfortable predicting the following 10 features will be a part of NBA 2K18.

    New Soundtrack or Musical Feature

    Something appears to be amiss as it pertains to music in NBA 2K18. If you followed Ronnie 2K's Instagram story on Monday, then you saw the Portland Trailblazers' point guard Damian Lillard featured along with some sort of fictitious neighborhood record shop.

    Lillard is widely regarded as the NBA's best rapper, so it seems that talent is what links him to the record shop. Could it be the precursor to announcing Lillard's music will be featured in the game, or that we'll be able to use our own tunes in some fashion?

    The former is more likely.

    More Hairstyles in MyCareer and Player Creation

    This is a feature that fans have been asking for over the past five years or so. It looks like NBA 2K18 will finally deliver a wider variety of hairstyles. I see this coming for a few reasons:

    1. It's time. So many fans have complained about the limited selection that to not deliver in this arena would be a major disappointment. I believe 2K wants to provide the best experience possible, and that cannot be done without expanding the hairstyles.

    2. Ronnie 2K tweeted these images of the Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid's fake barber shop with a few of the most-wanted hairstyles mentioned.

    It would be a really bad look to tease these hairstyles and not deliver.

    More Dribble And Defensive Control

    One of the few issues I have with NBA 2K's gameplay is in the movement. Specifically, the dribbling and defense are a little too loose. On one hand, it helps to simulate the flow and momentum that exists in real basketball, but oftentimes it causes what KSpade would describe as "I-wasn't-trying-to-do-that" moments.

    Mike Wang, one of the chief developers on the 2K team, spoke briefly about improving dribbling during the aforementioned 2KTV episode. NBA Live 18's best attribute appears to be its dribble and defensive control.

    It only makes sense that 2K would want to upgrade in that area.

    No More Green Releases

    Shooting has been a lightning rod for conversation within the 2K community for the past three years. I personally hate green releases. I believe it makes ratings less important and encourages people to take bad shots because they have somewhat mastered the release point on a player's jump shot.

    Thus we saw insane shooting percentages in NBA 2K15 and 16. After an update to NBA 2K17, the numbers were more realistic, but doing away with green releases is a better solution. It appears as though that could be on the way.

    This video from Underrated 2K breaks down some of the things Wang has discussed in the past, and it seems feasible to infer that the removal of green-release shots could be on the horizon.

    Hybrid Archetypes & More Badges

    The archetype system is great, but it's a little confining. It doesn't allow much room for players to be multi-faceted specialists. For example, the Three-And-D player doesn't exist, or Two-Way players like Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson will get half of the skill set removed.

    Hybrid Archetypes or even offensive and defensive Archetypes seem like a logical progression.

    More Branching Storylines For MyCareer

    Thankfully it appears 2K has abandoned the concept of a specific story like the one that somewhat bogged down NBA 2K15. That said, there has to be something added to MyCareer. It's the most-played mode in the 2K Universe and the dev team dares not let it go untouched.

    Among a few other things that I'll touch on a little later, new branching storylines and events could be coming to the NBA 2K18.

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  • Arsenal are Heading into Arguably Their Biggest Season in Recent Memory, so How Will EA Sports Rate the Gunners in FIFA 18? 17-07-2017

    Arsenal are heading into arguably their biggest season in recent memory, so how will EA Sports rate the Gunners in FIFA 18? We predict. It’s that time of year again when Arsenal supporters are ready to be incensed that Eden Hazard has yet again, inexplicably, pulled in a higher FIFA 18 player rating than Alexis Sanchez. Of course, if Alexis is at Manchester City, then who really cares.
    Anyway, with FIFA 18 right around the corner, Pain in the Arsenal is set to do what we do every year – take our best, educated guesses as to what each Gunner will be rated come the next edition of the most esteemed sport’s game franchise in the world.
    And it couldn’t really be any more exciting, what with Alexandre Lacazette now leading the front like. This Gunner attack, with or without Alexis, is going to be one of the best rated attacks in the game. That is, assuming that the EA Sports overlords don’t screw us out of what we deserve.fifa coins kaufen ps4
    Anyway, in this article, we will cover each and every Arsenal first teamer. If they are listed on the club’s website, they will be here. Even guys like Carl Jenkinson and Lucas Perez who figure to be gone before the game comes out, perhaps even before I finish typing this sentence.
    These aren’t our “what they should be ranked” ratings, these are the ratings that we think they will actually be come the release of the game. And so, without further ado, let’s get into those ratings, starting with a reserve goal keeper.
    Emiliano Martinez has never gotten much credit in the FIFA franchise. His potential has never gone above the mid 70s and it has left him as fodder to be sold off or released immediately to clear the way for a bigger name.
    This past season, the young Argentine keeper had his chance between the sticks for the first team and it was incredibly promising. He looked strong, quick and, most importantly, decisive. At no point was I worried or concerned past those initial 15 minutes or so. He looked like a veteran.
    While I would love to see him rank in the mid-70s with potential touching the 80s, I don’t think EA Sports is ready to make that leap yet, as they have a history of being rather conservative. Look for him to get a solid bump from his 69 rating in FIFA 17 but not enough to make him a viable option just yet.
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